Switch Kit

Don't put off switching your accounts to The Bank N.A. because of the hassle sometimes involved in changing banks. Use this easy, step-by-step process to make the move now!
  1. Stop by any The Bank N.A. lobby banking office to open your new checking account. 
  2. Once you've received your new debit card and checks, stop writing checks and using your debit card on your old account.
  3. Review your old account for direct deposits and preauthorized transfers that occur regularly and record them on the helpful checklist on FORM 1 (Electronic Transaction Checklist).
  4. Use FORM 2 to discontinue direct deposits to your old account and begin receiving them into your new account.
  5. Call government agencies to stop any direct deposits of benefits to your old account and begin depositing them to your new account:
    - Social Security Administration 800.772.1213 or visit https://faq.ssa.gov/en-US/search/?q=change+direct+deposit
    - Department of Veterans Affairs 800.827.1000
    - Office of Personnel Administration 888.767.6738 or https://www.servicesonline.opm.gov
  6. Use FORM 3 to discontinue automatic (preauthorized) payments from your old accounts and authorize initiation of the payments from your new account. Remember to change those payments that use your debit card number, such as automatic payments made online.
  7. Once all transactions have cleared your old account, and you've confirmed that all electronic deposits and withdrawals have been switched to your new account, use FORM 4 to close your old account or visit your former financial institution to close it.
For more information, contact a Customer Service Representative at 918.423.2265 (McAlester) or 405.624.2265 (Stillwater).

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