Schedule of Fees

The following fees may be assessed against your account. Transaction limitations may apply to your specific account. Please refer to the Truth in Savings Disclosure for details.

ATM/Debit Card
ATM cash withdrawal at ATMs we do not own or operate $1.00
Transfer funds to another account at ATMs we do not own or operate $1.00
Balance inquiry at ATMs we do not own or operate $1.00
Debit Card Replacement Fee $5.00
Non-TBNA customers surcharge at our ATMs $2.50
Account Services
GenGold® (separate consumer discount service) $4.95 per month
Overdraft/NSF Items - fee applies to overdrafts created by:
In-person withdrawal
ATM withdrawal
Other electronic means whether paid or returned
Bounce Paid Item
NSF Returned Item
NSF Paid Item
Continuous overdraft after four days $2.00 per day
Overdraft Sweep Transfer $10.00 per transaction
Stop Payments (all items) $23.00
Special Instructions & Handling on Accounts $10.00 set up +
$10.00 per month
Deposited Items Returned Unpaid - ACH and other electronic items $1.50
Account activity printout $3.00
Account balancing assistance $20.00 per hour
Account Research (1 hr min, 1/2 hr increments)
$30.00 per hour +
$0.50 per page
Deposit Correction $2.00
Account Verification/Deposit Confirmation $10.00
Garnishments and Levies $20.00
Special Statement cutoff $5.00 per statement
Duplicate Statements - Without Item Images $3.00
Duplicate Statements - With Item Images $5.00
Hold statements $5.00 per periodic statement
Undeliverable Mail Fee $2.00 per month
Account Closed within 90 days of opening (including IRA's) $15.00
Certificate of Deposit Indemnity Bond Fee $15.00
Dormant Account Fee* $5.00 per month, charged annually
 *An account is dormant if for 24 months no deposits or withdrawals are made by you AND the account statements are returned for an incorrect address.
Checks and Other Monetary Instruments
Check Printing Fee depends on style of checks ordered.
Temporary Checks $0.30
Cashier's Checks $2.00
Personal Money Orders $1.00
VISA Gift Card Purchase Fee $2.95
iPay - online bill pay & Pay-a-Person payment service through NetBanker:
Standard, with up to 15 payments per calendar month $5.95
Lite, with up to 3 payments per calendar month $2.95
Each additional payment $0.50
Wire Transfers
Outgoing (customer) $15.00
Incoming (customer) $5.00
Incoming (non-customer, upon proper ID) $15.00
Outgoing Foreign Wire (customer) $50.00 + cost
Incoming Foreign Wire (customer) $5.00 + cost
Teller/Miscellaneous Services
Coin Counting
Fee at the Bank's discretion based on volume & relationship
Rolled Coin and Strapped Currency $0.10 per roll or strap
Foreign Currency
Exchange rate from corrsp bank +
shipping/handling +
TBNA Order Charge of $25.00.
Payable prior to order.
Incoming or Outgoing Collection Items $10.00
Foreign Collection Items $15.00 + cost
Photocopies $0.25
$5.00 + $1.00 per page
Notary Public $5.00
Night Deposit Plan 1 (No processing of bag) $25.00 per year
Night Deposit Plan 2 (Processing of bag) $25.00 one-time fee
Locked Bags $25.00
Zipper Bags $5.00
Lost or Multiple Night Deposit Keys $1.00
ACH Services
Bank-initiated ACH Transfers:
Debit Entries at Another Bank for Loan Payments at Our Bank $1.00
All Other Entries $2.00
Commercial ACH Origination Service Fees:
Application Processing/Setup Fee (one time) $15.00
Internet Cash Management Module $20.00 per month
Manual ACH Entry $2.00 per transaction
ACH File Processing:
Per Batch File up to 200 Items $6.00
Above 200 Items $0.05 per item
Addenda Records:
Up to 200 Records No charge
Above 200 Records $0.05 per record
File Corrections/Reversals $10.00 per batch file
ACH Return Items/Notifications of Change (NOC's) $1.50
Remote Deposit Capture Service (RDC)* $50.00 per month
 *Equipment fees may apply
Safe Deposit Box Rentals*

McAlester Stillwater
3 X 5 $12.00 3 X 10 $24.00
4 X 5 $16.00 5 X 10 $40.00
3 X 10 $25.00 10 X 10 $80.00
5 X 10 $30.00 15 X 24 $180.00
10 X 10 $50.00

* $10.00 key deposit required
* Automatic debit of rent from a The Bank N.A. checking or savings account
* Drilling fee at current costs

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