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Additional banking services are available to help your business operate smoothly and effectively. When you are looking for added convenience or optimized security, we are here to help in our branches and remotely.

Check on your business accounts by calling our designated number day or night: 800.259.2262 or 918.426.3282. You will be presented with options to retrieve balance information, monitor cleared check lists, transfer funds, and make loan payments. Before calling, make sure you are prepared with your business' account number and PIN.
Business Debit Cards offer the convenience of making purchases from your business checking, without the need for checks.  Your authorized employees may also be issued cards and assigned limits that you designate.  For more information, contact a Customer Service Representative.

If you need to store important business-related documents or valuables in a secure location, safe deposit box rentals are available at each main branch location. Rental includes:

  • $10.00 key deposit
  • Automatic debit of annual rent from a checking or savings account at The Bank N.A.

McAlester Sizes and Annual Rental Fees
3 x 5     =  $12.00
4 x 5     =  $16.00
3 x 10   =  $25.00
5 x 10   =  $30.00
10 x 10 =  $50.00

Stillwater Sizes and Annual Rental Fees
3 x 10  =  $24.00
5 x 10  =  $40.00
10 x 10 = $80.00
15 x 24 = $180.00

Should it become necessary to drill your box (for instance, if you lose both keys), drilling fees will be assessed to you at current cost.

For more information or questions regarding safe deposit boxes, please contact a Customer Service Representative at 800.259.2262 or 918.423.2265.

These products are not insured by the FDIC.

Money orders and cashier's checks are available at lobby banking office locations. Money orders cost $1.00 each and cashier's checks are $2.00 each.
For more information on money orders or cashier's checks, call a Customer Service Representative at 800.259.2262 or 918.423.2265.
If you need assistance retrieving data for anything past the previous three months, account research services are available for your assistance. We can also provide copies of statements or checks.

  • Account Research (1 hour minimum, ½ hour increments) is $30.00 per hour and $.50 per page
  • Duplicate statements without item images are $3.00 and with item images are $5.00
  • Copies of checks are $.50 per page
  • Fax fee is $5.00

If you have any questions about account research, please call Bookkeeping at 800.259.2262 or 918.423.2265.
Domestic and international wire transfer options are available to help you move funds quickly and securely.

Domestic Wire Transfers
Outgoing (customer) $15.00
Incoming (customer) $5.00
Incoming (non customer) $15.00

Foreign Wire Transfers
Outgoing (customer) $50.00 plus cost
Incoming (customer) $5.00 plus cost

For more information, please call Accounting at 800.259.2262 or 918.423.2265.

Notary services are available at our lobby banking offices for a fee of $5.00.
If you have questions about notary services, please call a Customer Service Representative at 800.259.2262 or 918.423.2265.
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