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When you're looking for a simple and reliable way to manage your money, utilize our secure online and mobile banking options. From monitoring accounts to taking care of routine transactions, there are plenty of ways to save time and have greater control of your finances.

Stay in control of your financial picture with The Bank N.A.'s Money Manager, a complimentary feature of our NetBanker online banking suite.  Quickly view your investment and mortgage balances, as well as credit card and bank account balances and transactions in one place, regardless of where you have the accounts.  You can add any account you can access online and gain an easy and fast way to watch "the big picture".

Adding other accounts for the complete financial picture is simple.  Money Manager will track your account relationships with almost all financial institutions automatically, including credit card providers and investment firms.  Then use Money Manager to track spending, set budgets, calculate your net worth and more.

Easily create budgets, categorize and track spending habits.  Quickly create a budget and start tagging your transactions to see where and how you spend your money.  By seeing how you reach a spending target, you can make smarter choices about how you spend.

The cash flow calendar brings your budget to life through an interactive calendar.  With the calendar, you can see how much money you have available to pay bills and other expenses day by day...allowing you to make informed choices on when to schedule bills and other spending.

Set and track goals.  Visually tracking your progress can help you take control and make reaching your financial goals much quicker and easier.  Use Money Manager to create savings goals, like saving for a vacation, or a debt reduction goal, like paying off a high-rate credit card.  The goals tool asks for a date by which you want to accomplish the goal and keeps track of your progress automatically.

Stay informed with account alerts by email or text.  With Money Manager, you really are in control.  Be alerted when an account balance changes significantly, transactions to a specific retailer occur, when you are close to exceeding a spending category, and more.  No more need to login to home banking constantly to track activity...let Money Manager keep you informed.

Build wealth and watch it grow through the Net Worth tool.  No need to keep manually updating a spreadsheet.  Money Manager helps you quickly add up all your assets (you can even add your home and vehicles) and debts to show you an up-to-date estimate of your net worth.

Our free and secure online banking service, NetBanker, offers remote access to account information and a wide range of banking tools. For even greater convenience, this free service is available 24/7. Take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Check your current account balances
  • Review your account history
  • View and print statements and your paid items
  • Initiate stop payments
  • Make "real-time" and/or scheduled transfers between accounts
  • Pay loans
  • Use iPay* to pay bills online
  • Download information to your financial management software
  • Set up specific alerts and a "watch list" for accounts
  • Create budgets, set goals, categorize and track spending habits
  • No account numbers or SS/Tax ID numbers shown online
*Fees apply. See iPay section for details.

Options to Enroll

  • Stop by any of our lobby banking offices
  • Download, complete, print and sign the NetBanker Application and submit it using one of the following options:

    Mail to:
                NetBanker Support
                P.O. Box 1067
                McAlester, OK 74502

The application is in PDF format, so having Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, is necessary  to view, complete and/or print it.

*To protect your identity, please use a secure method when submitting via e-mail.
Let iPay simplify the way you pay bills and individuals. NetBanker users can securely schedule payments and enjoy greater flexibility when taking care of the routine chore. iPay enables users to remit payments to any person or entity either by check or electronically.

Payments by Check

Payments made by check work exactly the same as if you had written the check yourself. A check drawn on your account is mailed to the payee you designate. Once the check is presented for payment and paid against your account, the image of the check can be easily viewed and/or printed.

Electronic Payments

Electronic payments are debited from your account the next business day.

Two iPay Options

iPay Lite
iPay Lite includes up to three payments per calendar month, for a monthly fee of $2.95, and a 50 cent fee for each payment thereafter.

iPay Standard
iPay Standard includes up to 15 payments per calendar month for a monthly fee of $5.95, and a 50 cent fee for each payment thereafter.

Enroll at any of our lobby banking offices!

Conveniently view your statements online the moment they are ready. eStatements are delivered securely and protected by encryption. Once your statement is prepared, you will be notified via email that it is available for review through your NetBanker account. eStatements are available online for a limited number of months, but you have the option of electronically saving your statements for permanent record keeping.

To enroll, log into NetBanker, click on the ESTATEMENTS tab at the top of the page, and then follow the prompts.

As you go about your day, enjoy the added peace of mind that comes from knowing your account information is always within reach. TBNA 2 Go, our mobile banking app, gives you the ability to:

  • Monitor account balances
  • Keep your transactions organized by adding tags, notes and photos of receipts and checks
  • Set up alerts so you know when your balance drops below a certain amount
  • Create budgets and categorize and track spending habits
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay bills, including person-to-person payments*
  • Deposit checks with Remote Deposit Anywhere
  • Reorder your debit card or turn it off if you've misplaced it
  • View statements and save to your device

For security, a 4-digit passcode, or biometric on supported devices, is required. 

*iPay fees apply. The mobile PAY BILLS option allows you to initiate payments to any of your current payees, but as a security measure, new payees or edits to payees cannot be done via mobile banking.

Getting Started

  • To enable your NetBanker account for mobile access, log into your account using a computer like you normally would, then from OPTIONS, select MOBILE SETTINGS.
  • Check the box next to "Enable web access for your mobile device," then enter your cell phone number and select your mobile carrier.
  • Then select the accounts that you wish to access from your mobile device, from the provided list.
  • Once you have enabled mobile access to your accounts, you can install the app on your device.

Mobile Banking App

Download our free mobile banking app for your Apple® or Android™ device. Search for "TBNA 2 GO!!" or "The Bank N.A." to find our app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After the app is installed, you can log in using your NetBanker username and password.

Download Now
Download on the App Store

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For Mobile Banking support, call 918.421.4230 or email

Text Message Alerts

If you would like to receive text message alerts directly to your device, log into NetBanker and go to MOBILE SETTINGS to adjust your alert preferences. A variety of custom options are available.

Remote Deposit Anywhere

With Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA), NetBanker users can deposit checks wherever they are, from a mobile device! RDA also benefits businesses that consistently deposit less than 100 items per month.

To get started:
Request access to RDA, using one of the following methods:

  • Choose "Deposit" when logged into NetBanker, and select the accounts to which you would like to deposit - pending approval from the Bank
  • Call NetBanker Support at 918.421.4230, Monday - Friday, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
  • Stop by one of our lobby banking offices and speak with a Customer Service Representative

There are no transaction fees for RDA; however, your mobile phone provider may charge for data usage, based on your plan.

Standard message and data rates apply.

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